Well, it has taken me quite a while to get around to this project, but I finally got tired of precariously balancing grill accessories and pans of expensive meat on the narrow deck handrail beside my Primo grill. I originally planned on buying a grill cart, or slightly modifying a stainless steel kitchen cart, but nothing quite lived up to my vision for what a proper grill cart should be. So I set out to build my own cart from scratch, which usually means a long, drawn-out project that escalates in complexity and requires multiple re-designs before I settle on the final product. I started the project in early Summer, and just completed it in late October. Obviously I only get brief windows of opportunity to work on personal projects. I’m pretty happy with it, but as usual, I always step back and think of things I could have done differently. Since I already had a lot of the lumber, the cart is built out of pine, which is not the best wood for outdoor furniture. However, I have it protected with 5 coats of urethane, and the bottom is treated with NeverWet. It should be safe, and I’ll keep it covered. If I were to build another one, I would build it out of cedar or redwood. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think.